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There were quite a few articles that caught my attention this week for all different reasons. Here are some I thought worthy of sharing!

The Benefits of Kid Yoga – Having practiced yoga for several years I can attest to the benefits for adults and based on that I’ve also introduced my kids to yoga. I would like them to grow up feeling connected to their bodies and minds and I truly believe that is one of the greatest benefits of a yoga practice. This article has links to some of the research out there on why yoga is great for kids and lists a wealth of resources to get started.

An Interview with Deborah Madison – This interview peaked my curiosity in Deborah Madison’s new book, Vegetable Literacy: Cooking and Gardening with Twelve Families from the Edible Plant Kingdom, with over 300 Deliciously Simple Recipes. She describes wanting people to understand the relationsip between plants so that they’re familiar with flavor profiles and able to be flexible with their choice of produce. She also provides ideas on using the whole plant rather than just what is considered the best parts. In her words, “there’s another kind of waste in using just the choice parts of the plant. It’s like eating steak all the time, instead of an arm roast or kidneys. We ignore the fact that radish leaves have much more nutrients than the root, and you can use them in a salad or soup.” I’m looking forward to reading more!

What’s The Most Meaningful Gift Your Mom Gave You? I heard this interview with Elizabeth Benedict on NPR the other day. It’s about a book of essays she edited in which accomplished writers talk about the one most meaningful gift they received from their Mom. A highlight of the interview: “The objects are not diamond rings, fancy cars or houses. They’re modest: a photograph, quilt, cake pan, plant, bottle of nail polish, even a cracked vase…. The value comes from the relationships themselves, and how people process the relationships, and how people move through their lives with their mothers in life and in memory.” So true.

and on that note, Happy Mother’s Day!

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