a new year

a new year. a new look. a new approach.

We’ve been quiet here at Daily Deliberations for a few months now. Life was complicated this past fall, we’ve faced some technical difficulties, and we’ve been struggling to find our voice and purpose here.

In this new year we’re still struggling a bit and we still have a lot on our plates but we’ve decided to make a few changes and see where it takes us.

First, a new look. We’ve moved our site to a new hosting platform that we hope will allow us to spend less time focusing on (and getting frustrated by) the technical aspects of the blog. In doing this, we’ve streamlined the appearance and are happy with the overall result. We’re lacking some of the bells and whistles that we had previously but for now, we are going to focus on what we wanted to do when we started this site – to just write.

Speaking of writing, the second change is our approach to it. We are not going to have a set schedule we’re writing on. We’re hoping to post more organically than we were and that our posts will be coming from where we are currently at and what is going on in our lives. We will post when we have something that we are inspired to share!

The third change is in relation to our content. We love food – making food, reading about food, learning about food, buying food. And by and large the majority of what we write will probably be food related. We are leaving the door open to other topics as well, but regardless of the topic, we want to remain true to who we are what we are actually doing in our own lives and homes. So our approach this year is to be more informal, to write about what’s going on, what we’re learning, what we’re talking about.

We look forward to seeing what 2014 will bring!

Happy New Year

-Yvonne & Alyssa

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