Do your food processor blades need to be sharpened?

This might seem like a random, silly question but until last week I had never even contemplated it before. I try to get my knives sharpened every few months but I had never thought about the food processor blades.

However, as I was making a chimichurri sauce I noticed that the processor was not doing a good job of chopping up the parsley. I use both the leaves and stems of the parsley and while the stems were not the freshest there should not have been long strands still left after a couple of minutes of pulsing them.

So it turns out that yes, after several years (depending on how much you actually use the machine) food processor blades do get dull and should be sharpened. You can do this yourself if you’re good at knife sharpening (I am not) or you can take them to local store to be sharpened. Most Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table stores provide this service as do lots of local cooking shops and some hardware stores. I take my knives to a knife sharpener who has a booth at our farmer’s market and will sharpen them while I shop.

I guess I know where I’m headed soon!

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2 thoughts on “Do your food processor blades need to be sharpened?

    • Usually knife sharpeners charge by the length of the blade. I believe the one I go to charges $1/inch but I’m sure that varies. They also may charge slightly more if the blade is serrated.

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